College Behind Bars

Men and women earn college degrees - and a chance at new beginnings - while incarcerated.


  • Part 3: 'Every Single Word Matters'

    The debate team faces rival West Point, and the students’ senior projects get underway.
  • Part 2: 'I'm Trying to Get Home to My Family, Too.'

    Learn more about the students' personal stories and the challenges of college in prison.
  • Part 1: 'No One Ever Taught Me Any of That.'

    Meet the incarcerated students enrolled in one of America's most rigorous college programs

About College Behind Bars

College Behind Bars is the inspiring, emotional, deeply human story of men and women struggling to earn college degrees while in prison for serious crimes. In four years of study they become scholars, shatter stereotypes, reckon with their pasts, and prepare to return to society. A groundbreaking exploration of incarceration, injustice, race in America, and the transformative power of education.