Latinos Are Essential

A collection of insightful short stories about essential workers in the COVID 19 pandemic.


  • Astrid

    Astrid finds a job cleaning subway cars at the peak of the pandemic in New York City.
  • A Pescador in the Town (Spanish Captions)

    Meet Pancho Pescador, an artist who spends his pandemic-era days bringing art to Oakland.
  • All Around Us (Spanish Captions)

    Journalist Maria Hinojosa discusses her reporting on the pandemic’s effect on Latinos.
  • Chelsea: An Essential City (Spanish Captions)

    Meet a councilwoman and a sanitation worker who are keeping the city of Chelsea running.
  • Growing in the Shadows (Spanish Captions)

    Anel Medina is a nurse and one of 200,000 DACA recipients classified as essential workers.
  • Night Shift (Spanish Captions)

    Dulce Bueno is an EMT who works long nights during the difficult days of the pandemic.
  • Still Standing (Spanish Captions)

    Melanie navigates teaching her students online and caring for her three-year-old daughter.
  • Todos Unidos y Yo (Spanish Captions)

    After his business declined, Alfonzo began a program that brings food to people in need.

About Latinos Are Essential

Latinos Are Essential is a collection of unique and insightful short portraits and stories about Latinos who are serving as essential workers in a wide variety of jobs and/or services across the United States, even as the COVID 19 pandemic continues to disproportionately impact Latino and other communities of color.