Finding America

Inventing new storytelling models with citizens who help us tell a new story of diversity.


  • Shake & Bake Saved My Life

    Shake & Bake Family Fun Center, a safe haven for old and young alike in Baltimore.
  • Paralyzed But Still Moving

    Dorian Taylor - inspired athlete, not just in spite of being paralyzed, but because of it.
  • My Fourth Life

    Feed our Vets' Tonia R. cares for veterans and active service members at the food pantry.
  • The Most Beautiful Hot Dogs

    Hot Dog Tutuli owner Jesus Guerrero sells Sonoran hot dogs known as "the most beautiful."
  • Glory in All Things Creek

    Explores Native people's lives in stories that go beyond "powwows, gambling and diabetes."
  • Growing Up Philadelphia

    What if she'd stayed? Diane wonders what might have happened in her Philly neighborhood.
  • The Accidental Baker

    Courtney Smith hated baking at first but is now learning how to perfect it at Loaf bakery.
  • May It Be So

    The monuments tell only a piece of Richmond's history. Free Engunfami is changing that.

About Finding America

An independent public media production comprising 15 teams embedded at forward-moving public radio and television stations across the U.S. The third in a series of national productions first launched by AIR, FINDING AMERICA moves into communities large and small to invent new storytelling models with citizens who help us tell a new story of the rich diversity of America today.