Everything But the News

Follow the misadventures of Steve Goldbloom as he reports on the California startup scene.


  • Is This the Best Toast Ever?

    The Bay Area is gaining a reputation for more than just its booming tech culture.
  • Steve Meets His Hologram

    Steve a tech company working on the cutting-edge of interactive, "4D" holograms.
  • Truth in Tweets @ SxSW

    Steve Goldboom tests a new gadget at SxSW.
  • Need a break from tech? Welcome to Camp Grounded.

    Steve Goldbloom visits Camp Grounded, a tech-free camp for adults.
  • Are We Ready for Robots?

    Steve Goldbloom visits Salisbury Robotics Lab to meet some frighteningly advanced robots.
  • When AirBnB Goes Wrong

    Steve Goldbloom visits Stanford's Salisbury Robotics Lab to meet our new robot masters.
  • Smart Phone? Try Smart Cup.

    Now there's a smart cup that knows more about its contents than you do.
  • Cookie Monster, Life Coach

    Cookie Monster's advice is truly timeless.

About Everything But the News

What would Jim Lehrer do? The question is a mantra for cub reporter Steve Goldbloom. The documentary-style series EVERYTHING BUT THE NEWS follows Goldbloom's misadventures as he attempts to cover the startup scene in California for the program Jim Lehrer created, the PBS NewsHour.