The legacy of famous emperors is depicted to explain how their rule changed the world.


  • Martin Luther: Driven to Defiance

    For the keenly spiritual Luther, the Church's promise of salvation is irresistible.
  • Kingdom of David: The Gifts of the Jews

    Rabbis struggle to reinvigorate Judaism after the Romans destroy temples.
  • Peter & Paul and the Christian Rev. Pt. 1

    "Peter and Paul" explores one of history's most astonishing religious movements.
  • Peter & Paul and the Christian Rev. Pt. 2

    The Jesus movement caught on quickly among Jews and non-Jews around the Roman Empire.
  • Kingdom of David: The End of Days

    Conflict erupts between Jews and Romans when Pompeii enters Judah in 63 B.C.
  • Kingdom of David: Book and the Sword

    Ezra reads the Bible to illiterate Judeans in 458 B.C.
  • Kingdom of David: Rivers of Babylon

    In 586 B.C., exiled Israelites write down stories of Judah.

About Empires

Within the long history of civilization are great eras of struggle, triumph, and loss. These periods are reflective of the best and worst of humanity; explosive creativity, ultimate depravity, the use and abuse of power, and war.