Crash Course Theater

Crash Course Theater


  • North America Gets a Theater...Riot

    How did American theater develop after the Revolutionary War?
  • Hrotsvitha, Hildegard, and the Nun who Resurrected Theater

    Meet Hrotsvitha: a cool, 10th century nun/playwright who influenced a new era of theater.
  • The Rise of Melodrama

    In the 18th century, audiences were ready for some really, really dramatic theater.
  • Why So Angry, German Theater?

    After Germany was unified, we got Sturm, Drang, Weimar Classicism and Goethe.
  • England's Sentimental Theater

    English Sentimental Comedies weren't that funny, but they were definitely sentimental.
  • China, Zaju, and Beijing Opera

    Let's discuss wizard theater and the rise of classical Chinese theater and Beijing Opera.
  • All Night Demon Dance Party - Kathakali

    Learn about the all-night dance shows in India that culminate in killing a Demon.
  • Japan, Kabuki, and Bunraku

    Under the Shoguns, we get Kabuki and Bunraku. And Samurais get in trouble for watching it.

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