The Best of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

A pop icon, Bob Ross offers soothing words of wisdom as he paints captivating landscapes.


  • The Old Oak Tree

    On the edge of the forest stands the stately oak. Watch the beauty unfold with Bob Ross.
  • Rowboat on the Beach

    Bob Ross paints a charming little rowboat awaiting its next journey.
  • Tranquil Dawn

    Join Bob Ross on a warm winter morning. This painting offers the freshness of a new day!
  • Valley Waterfall

    Join Bob in the lush green valley and listen to the water flowing to places unknown.
  • Warm Summer Day

    This Bob Ross days of summer painting will inspire your imagination for years to come.
  • Gray Mountain

    Bob Ross paints an awesome sky hovering over snow-covered mountains.
  • Ebb Tide

    Bob Ross paints a colorful setting sun in an oval beach scene.
  • Trace of Spring

    Bob Ross paints springtime blossoms on flowering trees.

About The Best of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross

Bob Ross relaxes viewers and encourages the painting hobbyist in THE BEST OF THE JOY OF PAINTING. Using his "wet-on-wet" technique, Bob paints natural scenes with bold strokes across the canvas, from cascading waterfalls to snow-covered forests. Bob Ross’ calm disposition and easy-to-follow instruction remind viewers that “there are no mistakes, only happy accidents.”