Black Folk Don't


  • Adopt

    Looking at adoption and the black community.
  • Do Feminism

    Who falls neatly or not within the term of feminism? Is it something for black folks?
  • Do Plastic Surgery

    Some say that "black don't crack", does that mean black folk don't have plastic surgery?
  • Live To The End Of A Horror Film

    Do black folk live to the end of a horror film?
  • Go Green

    Are black folk green? What does going green even mean?
  • Get Married

    Are Black folk getting married less or more than anyone else?
  • Commit Suicide

    Suicide is a touchy subject, is it even more so in the Black community?
  • Do Atheism

    Faith is tradition for black folk in the US, but is atheism too? NOTE: Sensitive Topic

About Black Folk Don't

“Black Folk Don’t...” is an open conversation that invites everyone to take a second look at the grey areas between us all, no matter the race, and most importantly to do it with a sense of humor. This documentary web series is a special presentation of, directed and produced by Angela Tucker, with support from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.