Black History Month (1981) | For the People

Produced and hosted by Listervelt MiddletonFor The People delivered African American history and culture every week to South Carolina ETV's viewers.

In this episode, Middleton Interviews Lerone Bennett, Jr, a historian, Senior Editor of Ebony Magazine and author of several books, among them Black Power USA, and Before the Mayflower.

Dr. Bennett shares his list of great moments in Black History.  Click on any of the links in the list below for more information.

  1. National Negro Convention Movement  (PBS)
  2. Nat Turner's Rebellion (PBS)
  3. The 13th Amendment (Walter Edgar's Journal)
  4. The Niagara Movement (National Park Service)
  5. Marcus Garvey's Day of Triumph (PBS American Experience)
  6. Asa Phillip Randolph's threat to March on Washington in 1941 (PBS American Experience)
  7. Brown v. Board of Education  (PBS American Experience)
  8. Montgomery Bus Boycott (PBS LearningMedia)
  9. 1960's Sit Ins (Carolina Stories: Jail No Bail)
  10. March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom  (Eyes on the Prize. "I Have a Dream" excerpt)

Listervelt and Dr. Bennett also discussed extraordinary people who led the journey to freedom, justice and equality like Frederick Douglas, Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner, Booker T. Washington, W.E.B. Du Bois., Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.


Lerone Bennett, Jr. passed away on February 14, 2018. He was with Ebony Magazine for 52 years.

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