Latest Poll Finds SC Approval Ratings for Trump Higher than National Average

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The most recent Winthrop Poll was released today and touched on approval ratings for state and national leaders, along with important issues that are being discussed across the country.

President Donald Trump’s S.C. approval rating is higher than the national average at 42% of all respondents. The 81% of respondents who identify themselves as Republicans support the president in the latest poll. And with one month until filing closes for the governor’s race, S.C. Governor Henry McMaster, who is backed by Trump, has an approval rating of 47%. His disapproval rating and those not sure of him are both at 25%.

Dr. Scott Huffmon, the poll director said, “Governor McMaster’s approval numbers are nearly double his disapproval numbers, so he is definitely ‘above water.’ But having one-quarter of respondents not feeling they can evaluate his performance means he must get out in front of the average resident and put his stamp on the office. While general population results such as these cannot be used to predict electoral outcomes like a poll of likely voters could, we can say that the governor needs to make sure his message and performance are seen by more South Carolinians before November.”

Congress' approval rating is much lower with only 11% of respondents approving of how they are doing their job. The S.C. General Assembly received much higher approval ratings with 42%. There is a gap in the approval rating for the state’s two U.S. Senators. Senior Senator Lindsey Graham received a 38% approval rating, while the junior Senator Tim Scott’s approval rating among the general public is 53%.

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