Hurricane Florence: "The Citizens Need To Make Their Plans Now."

"We're getting people in place to respond to whatever happens. The citizens need to make their plans now. Presume a major hurricane is going to hit," said Governor Henry McMaster on Sunday's press conference concerning Hurricane Florence. "Get your medicines ready, take care of your pets. You may not be coming home for several days." 

According to the National Weather Service, Florence will become a major hurricane Monday night and is expected to hit the east coast on Thursday. When it gets to the east coast, it's estimated to be a category 4 hurricane. Southeast of North Carolina is likely landfall, however changes in the track will likely occur.

During the 2:00 p.m. briefing, the Governor said 3,000 SCDOT and police personel are moving to the coast to prepare. The governor adds, "Get ready. The winds on this one is expected to be more powerful than Hugo. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The storm is moving slowly, but the wind is getting faster and faster."

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