Gov. Haley Vetoes ‘Pork’ in Capital Reserve Fund

Governor Nikki Haley

Last week, Governor Nikki Haley released her list of budget vetoes. While recognizing the positive budget items like funding for education, health services and law enforcement agencies, she took the legislature to task for allowing what she referred to as “pork, pet projects and earmarks.”

Among these earmarks vetoed were funds that would go to the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Patriot’s Point Development Authority, Clemson University’s Garrison Arena Education/Conference Center, and tourism revitalization projects.

Governor Haley stated that her reason for vetoing these items from the budget plans was mainly due to the fact that these projects are of more interest to local community leaders and representatives than to the state as a whole.  Governor Haley argued that private donations would be a better way to provide funding for these areas, rather than taxpayer dollars.

Altogether, Gov. Haley vetoed 51 items in the state budget for the 2016-17 Fiscal Year, resulting in a $41.1 million cut in spending.  The House and Senate return on Wednesday to take up the vetoes.