Glass Art Studio Making Waves in Midlands River District

Glassie Ladies is a glass art studio located in the River District of the Midlands. Its founders, Pat Stone and Julie Blinder, have been creating glass art for years.

“My dad was an artist and my mother was an interior decorator, so I grew up having art all around me all the time,” says Stone.

The pair met while taking water aerobics classes. One day, Pat overheard Julie talking about stained glass and the two struck up a friendship.

Pat had been doing shows across Columbia and asked Julie if she wanted to show her work alongside her. Julie agreed and they spent the next 6 years presenting together.  

In September of last year, the women opened their studio in West Columbia. Glassie Ladies offers classes for newcomers who are interested in making stained glass, fused glass, or mosaic pieces of their own.

“It gives you an outlet to express your inner art,” says Blinder. “Even if you’re not an artist, you can still come in and we’ll help you make a one-of-a-kind piece”.