Haley Issues Budget Vetoes

State House

Governor Nikki Haley held a press conference late this morning to unveil her vetoes of this year's appropriations bill. She issued 87 line item vetoes, but said she was happy that the "legislature is putting more thought into our executive budget, and we are grateful for that."

Some of the funding Haley applauded was:

         - Fully maintained state's reserves

         - Paid off $1 Billion in federal debt early

         - Additional money found at end of session went to roads and debts

Haley's main concern was the new funding earmarked for individual projects in communities, such as museums and parks. She said these earmarks are the majority of her vetoes.

She was also happy with education, mental health, and disability funding. Haley said this year's budget came down to roads and she thanked the legislature for their help in funding.

The House and Senate will return to the State House Monday to deal with these issues.