Nationally Renowned Chef Matt Lee Makes Loquat Liqueur

Charleston's amazing history and outstanding food is a haven for visitors. Two brothers who grew up in Charleston are now offering a “taste” of the coastal town in a new cookbook, The Lee Brothers Charleston Kitchen.

According to NPR, "In addition to highlighting Charleston's current food culture, Matt and Ted Lee also looked to Charleston's history to find old recipes that might have been forgotten. Cookbooks from the 19th century were particularly inspiring, Ted says. "They tell a story so diverse and varied about the different types of vegetables that were grown in the Lowcountry, some of which are rarely found, like salsify, tania — it's a root vegetable," he says. "It's nice to be able to draw from the past to inform your kitchen in the present."

In the above Palmetto Scene Web extra, Matt Lee demonstrates how to make Loquat Liqueur. Matt explains, "This is a recipe that many of the elderly ladies that I know make. It begins with the loquat trees that are everywhere in Charleston. In April and May, the trees are dropping these orange fruits. They are almost a nuisance."

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