We'll Meet Again

Join Ann Curry to witness reunions of those whose lives crossed at pivotal moments.


  • Escape from Cuba

    Two men search for the people who helped them settle in the U.S. when they fled Cuba.
  • Korean War Brothers in Arms

    Korean War veterans look for fellow servicemen from nearly 70 years ago.
  • Great Alaskan Earthquake

    Alaskans track down fellow survivors of a catastrophic 1964 earthquake.
  • Surviving the Holocaust

    Holocaust survivors search for those who gave them hope in their darkest days.
  • Saved in Vietnam

    Two Vietnam veterans search for the heroes who saved them five decades ago.
  • Coming Out

    Join Ann Curry as those who met during the early days of the gay rights movement reunite.
  • Freedom Summer

    Featuring dramatic reunions of people thrown together during the civil rights movement.
  • Heroes of 9/11

    Join Ann Curry for dramatic reunions between people whose lives intersected on 9/11.

About We'll Meet Again

Join Ann Curry for a new series featuring dramatic reunions of people whose lives crossed at pivotal moments. View history through their eyes and hear stories of heroism, hope and the forging of unbreakable bonds.