This cold case drama series follows detectives as they uncover the truth from the past.


  • Episode 5

    Sunny and Jess attempt a reset as they follow the clues in the case.
  • Episode 4

    Sunny and Jess' personal lives go from bad to worse while they struggle to keep focused.
  • Episode 3

    The victim's turbulent past comes to light. Sunny and Jess continue to butt heads.
  • Episode 2

    The team works to identify the body found in the chimney flue.
  • Episode 1

    DI Sunny Khan is joined by a new DCI to investigate human remains found in West London.
  • Episode 6

    Despite a tragic turn of events, the team narrows down the suspects.
  • Episode 5

    Cassie and Sunny interview two of the suspects again and get closer to the truth.
  • Episode 4

    Cassie and Sunny discover Walsh was chased by all four suspects on the night in question.

About Unforgotten

This award-winning cold case crime drama follows veteran London detectives who uncover the truth behind tangled, complicated murders from the past. The deeper the truth lies, the bigger the emotional toll for the suspects, the families left behind, and for the detective inspectors themselves.