Smart Travels--Europe with Rudy Maxa

Discover the best of what Europe has to offer and learn the essentials of traveling smart.


  • Europe Just for Fun

    Rudy shares his personal picks for travelers seeking fun adventures in Europe.
  • Great Cities II

    Rudy shows how to make the most of one-day visits to Copenhagen, Berlin, Munich and Rome.
  • Croatia's Dalmation Coast

    Rudy explores Europe’s best-kept secret, the Croatian coast of Dalmatia.
  • Out of Rome

    Rudy travels the famous Appian Way to explore the environs of Rome.
  • Christmas in Switzerland

    Rudy enjoys Switzerland's bright Christmas markets and toasty ski lodges.
  • Switzerland & the Alps

    Rudy savors the sights, sounds and tastes of the Swiss Alps.
  • France's Bordeaux & Dordogne

    Rudy enjoys the fine wines and food of France's Bordeaux and Dordogne regions.
  • France's Carcassonne & Pyrenees

    Rudy takes in the castles and peaks of the region.

About Smart Travels--Europe with Rudy Maxa

From the neon night life of Paris to cozy village churches in Tuscany, SMART TRAVELS — EUROPE WITH RUDY MAXA delivers the best of what Europe has to offer. Each half-hour episode features hassle-free ways of traveling to great destinations. Maxa highlights the changes in Europe's millennial spirit and visits treasured, historic sites as he ventures to a local hot spot or enjoys trendy cuisine.