Seaside Hotel

Seaside Hotel is a story about the guests and staff at a beach hotel by the North Sea.


  • A New Beginning

    Mr Madsen must step carefully if he's to preserve both his marriage and the land agreement
  • Cloudburst

    Mrs. Frigh is still very captivated by the local farmer, Arne Kokholm.
  • Episode 6

    January 1933: Madsen and Mr. Frigh convince Fie to open the hotel for a surprise party.
  • Obsessed

    Summer is almost over, and guests prepare to go home.
  • A Gentleman from Copenhagen

    While Weyse has got some hope back after shooting the film, Ane helps Morten spy on Madsen
  • Episode 5

    Madsen is certain that Morten is trying to trick him and forces Max to spy for him.
  • Not a Bed of Roses

    Two of the maids have fallen ill and consequently a fear arises in the kitchen
  • Soldiers

    After partying with the young people for a few days, Weyse returns for some peace.

About Seaside Hotel

At Andersen’s Seaside Hotel by the North Sea dunes, meet the chambermaid Fie, the merchant's daughter Amanda, and the local fisherman Morten, whose fates are intertwined, as they seek to emancipate themselves from the plans other people have made on their behalf. From Walter Presents, in Danish with English subtitles.