Rick Steves' Europe

Rick Steves is America's most respected authority on European travel.


  • Ethiopia: A Development Story

    Rick uses Ethiopia as a classroom for understanding global hunger and extreme poverty
  • Egypt’s Nile, Alexandria, and Luxor

    Exploring the Nile Valley from north to south, we see the highlights of Egypt.
  • Egypt’s Cairo

    We visit teeming Cairo, straddling the Nile, exploring the back streets on a tuk-tuk.
  • Germany’s Fascist Story

    Traveling across Germany, we trace the roots of Nazism in the aftermath of World War I.
  • French Alps and Lyon

    After exploring the proud cuisine capital of Lyon we head for Chamonix.
  • Swiss Alps

    Switzerland draws travelers from around the world for its legendary mountains.
  • Austrian and Italian Alps

    In the Alps of Austria and Italy, we celebrate both nature and culture.
  • Glasgow and Scottish Passions

    Starting in Glasgow, we travel to Stirling Castle, taste whisky, and watch a sheepdog demo


  • Egypt: Yesterday and Today

    RICK STEVES EGYPT: YESTERDAY & TODAY explores the historic and cultural wonders of Egypt.
  • Hunger and Hope: Lessons from Ethiopia and Guatemala

    Rick travels through Ethiopia and Guatemala to learn about extreme poverty
  • Cruising the Mediterranean

    In this one-hour special, Rick sails from Barcelona to the French Riviera to Rome & Athens
  • A Symphonic Journey

    Rick Steves teams up with the Cascade Symphony Orchestra and Michael Miropolsky
  • Iran

    Rick Steves journeys to Iran in the hopes of getting to know this ancient country
  • European Christmas

    From Norway to Rome...we're celebrating Christmas all over the Continent.
  • The Story of Fascism in Europe

    Rick Steves travels back a century to learn how fascism rose and then fell in Europe
  • European Festivals

    Rick travels throughout the Continent celebrating the top 10 festivals

About Rick Steves' Europe

Rick Steves, America's leading authority on European travel, returns to transport viewers to the continent's bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque countryside.