• Gibraltar May Tumble

    Are the partisans of small town Kentucky the last of a dying breed of rural Democrats?
  • Swinging Las Vegas

    How does the GOP attract Latino voters to key Congressional races in the year of Trump?
  • Purple Reign

    Republicans in reliably blue Washington State have a plan to win both legislative houses.
  • El Gigante Duerme Todavía

    Un candidato mexicano-americano busca motivar a los votantes en un distrito latino.
  • The Big Sort

    A look at how people of similar political beliefs living near one another affect elections
  • The Giant Still Sleeps

    A Mexican-American seeks to motivate voters in a Latino district outside Houston.
  • Post-Obama Drama

    A film exploring the hesitation, perseverance, and enthusiasm of black voters in Florida.
  • Whatever Happened to Wisconsin Nice?

    Two ex-legislators examine the ideological splits causing political strife in Wisconsin.