Physics Girl

Physics videos for every atom and eve.


  • Unique At-Home Science Experiments!

    Dianna from Physics Girl walks through 5 experiments.
  • Ballistic Ping Pong Ball vs. Tennis Ball at 450km/h!

    What happens when you shoot a ballistic ping pong ball going 450kph at a tennis ball?
  • Candid Interview with COVID-19 ER Nurse and Epidemiologist

    ER Nurse Practitioner and Epidemiologist talk about their experiences with the pandemic.
  • HOME CHALLENGE: 20 Easy Experiments in 5 Minutes

    Bored adult or a parent stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine? Try this!
  • What Happens to Your Reflection if You Bend a Spoon Inward?

    What happens to your image if you bend a spoon from concave to convex?
  • How Rainbows with NO COLOR Are Possible

    What the heck are spider-web rainbows? What are these rare white rainbows?
  • This Thing is -270°C and is EVERYWHERE

    The universe is microwaving itself.
  • Inside the World's Largest Science Experiment

    Dianna visits CERN and dives into the fundamental question: what are particles?


  • How does your phone send emojis?

    How does a touchscreen work? Why can you text with your finger, but not with a q-tip?

About Physics Girl

Join host Dianna Cowern as she puts her MIT physics degree to the test. With experiments, demonstrations, and cool new discoveries, Physics Girl sheds new light on the fun, adventurous side of physical science.