Marie Antoinette

The successes of independent and feminist Marie Antoinette provoke jealousy and rivalry.


  • The Ostrich

    Pregnant Marie Antoinette’s reputation is attacked. Louis demands a full investigation.
  • Deus Ex Machina

    Marie Antoinette’s brother, Joseph, works to save the Franco-Austrian nuptial alliance.
  • Rebel Queen

    Louis may now be King, but Marie Antoinette is determined to launch her reign as Queen.
  • Queen of France

    When the King becomes seriously ill, succession suddenly becomes a reality.
  • Pick a Princess

    Antoinette’s escalating hostilities with du Barry threaten her relationship with the King.
  • Rival Queens

    Madame du Barry, the Favorite, sees the Dauphine as a rival for the King’s affections.
  • The Slap

    How will the newlywed Marie Antoinette react to Versailles with its ridiculous rules?

About Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is just a teenager when she leaves Austria to marry the Dauphin of France. At
Versailles, under the complex rules of the French court, she suffers from not being able to live her life
the way she wants, under pressure to continue the Bourbon line and secure the Franco-Austrian