Magpie Murders

A mystery author dies and a search for a missing chapter in his new book leads to murder.

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  • Episode 5

    Pünd wraps up his investigation, promising, “Very soon all will be made clear!”
  • Episode 4

    The plot of Alan's new book and the lives of his acquaintances start to converge.
  • Episode 3

    Charles leans on Susan to take over as CEO of his publishing firm.
  • Episode 2

    Everyone he knew had reason to kill Alan Conway. Was his fatal fall actually murder?
  • Episode 1

    A mystery author turns in his latest manuscript, but the last chapter is missing.

About Magpie Murders

Lesley Manville and Tim McMullan star in the TV adaptation of Anthony Horowitz's bestselling novel about a dead mystery author, an incomplete manuscript, and suspects galore.

Manville and McMullan will reprise their roles in Moonflower Murders, a sequel to Magpie Murders. Moonflower Murders will premiere on Sunday, Sept 15, 2024. 9/8c.

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