PBS Passport Presents: Follow the lives of three women in colonial Jamestown.


  • Episode 7

    Jocelyn’s adventure tests friendships and leaves lives hanging in the balance.
  • Episode 6

    Pedro seeks revenge after devastating news. Willmus challenges James Read about his past.
  • Episode 5

    When Chacrow comes to live in Jamestown, his relationship with Silas is tested.
  • Episode 4

    An extraordinary creature transfixes the town and a race to capture it ensues.
  • Episode 3

    Maria forms a plan which could secure a new life for her and Pedro.
  • Episode 2

    Henry and Winganuske clash when their child falls ill.
  • Episode 1

    After the burning of her plantation, Jocelyn regains her thirst for advancement.
  • Episode 8

    Jocelyn uses secret intelligence to claim a stronghold in town.

About Jamestown

Now Available in PBS Passport. From the makers of Downton Abbey. In the 17th century, on the edge of the untamed Virginian wilderness, sits the English colony. The settlement barely survived its first decade but is on the brink of change with the arrival of a new governor and 90 so-called "maids to make brides."