How She Rolls

For Carrie Morey, the growing success of her biscuit business leads to more challenges.

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  • Life Aquatic

    Carrie shows some of authentic Charleston’s best seafood secrets.
  • Fear is Good

    Carrie must rebalance her work and her life.
  • You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Bakery

    Carrie hires her long-time friend Mason to sell more biscuits in grocery chains.
  • Thanksgiving

    The Morey family puts together an annual outdoor feast on the barrier islands.
  • Open to Everyone’s Jam

    Carrie takes an RV road trip with chef Nathalie Dupree.
  • Recipe for Success

    Carries creates recipes for her cookbook, which is difficult because she never uses them!
  • Warm and Buttery on the Inside

    Carrie shows off her Charleston roots making shrimp and grits on the water with her dad.
  • Farm to Table

    A staff of accomplished bakers competes to make the best pie.

About How She Rolls

How She Rolls follows the life of Carrie Morey, an awardwinning baker, entrepreneur and — most importantly — mother, wife and daughter, who transformed her biscuit company into one of the South’s top small business success stories.

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