How She Rolls

For Carrie Morey, the growing success of her biscuit business leads to more challenges. Season 2 airs September 15.


  • Farm to Table

    A staff of accomplished bakers competes to make the best pie.
  • This Was Not Part of the Plan

    As Carrie and team are set to launch a rebrand, the coronavirus overtakes America.
  • Biscuits Rising… In Charlotte

    Carrie builds and opens a new location amidst her daughter's birthday.
  • How She Rolls

    Carrie Morey runs a growing business based on her mother’s biscuit recipe.

About How She Rolls

Season Two Premieres September 15

How She Rolls follows the life of Carrie Morey, an awardwinning baker, entrepreneur and — most importantly — mother, wife and daughter, who transformed her biscuit company into one of the South’s top small business success stories.