Hotel Portofino

Bella must decide whether to accept her no-good husband Cecil back into her life, or not.


  • Subterfuges

    Bella schemes to thwart Cecil’s plans to wrestle control of the Hotel away from her.
  • Contortions

    Rose and Alice return to Portofino. Cecil schemes to take control of the Hotel.
  • Comings Together

    Cecil clashes with local gangsters. Emotions between Lucian and Constance come to a head.
  • Alliances

    Cecil tries to buy Bella’s affections. Lucian and Constance acknowledge their attraction.
  • Returns

    Bella faces an unexpected and unwelcome return from someone closer to home.
  • Denouements

    The mystery of the missing heirloom is resolved.
  • Discoveries

    Guests and employees become suspects in the missing heirloom investigation.
  • Uncoverings

    Danioni gives a compromising letter to Bella's husband, and the heirloom goes missing.

About Hotel Portofino

Set in the breathtakingly beautiful Italian seaside town of Portofino during the "Roaring 20s," Season 2 begins in the summer of 1927 as Bella Ainsworth is still devoting all her energy into making Hotel Portofino a success.