Tom Brittney stars as a handsome vicar with a penchant for crime solving.


  • Episode 5

    Will and Geordie investigate an audacious bank robbery.
  • Episode 4

    An American airman dies in the police station. Will and Geordie face a challenging night.
  • Episode 3

    Will and Geordie are drawn into local politics with the death of a councilor.
  • Episode 2

    Will and Geordie negotiate a family dispute that may be connected to a murder.
  • Episode 1

    For Will and Geordie, a summer break at a vacation resort takes an unexpected turn.
  • Episode 6

    A body and a trail of clues leads Will and Geordie to an oppressive convent.
  • Episode 5

    When Will finds two boys near death, he must face up to his part in their tragedy.
  • Episode 4

    A streaker is found dead, sparking an unusual case for Will and Geordie.

About Grantchester

Tom Brittney stars as Will Davenport, with Robson Green as his law-enforcement ally, Inspector Geordie Keating, in Grantchester. Although Will lives the life of a clergyman, sometimes he can’t help but fall into more worldly habits as he solves murders in the bucolic village of Grantchester.