The Express Way with Dulé Hill

Tour America through the lens of creative expression and the transformative power of art.


  • Texas

    In Texas, Dulé Hill discovers artists fighting for representation of their communities.
  • Appalachia

    Dulé Hill explores how music can provide solace and healing in Appalachia.
  • California

    Dulé Hill connects with artists using their craft to rewrite their narrative.


  • Learning to Dance While Deaf

    Deaf dancer Shaheem Sanchez changes how Dulé Hill thinks about dance.
  • Dulé Hill’s History of Tap Dance

    Dulé Hill shares his motivation for mastering tap dance and carrying its legacy forward.
  • Revitalizing Nightlife in San Francisco’s Chinatown

    A multi-generational effort to preserve San Francisco Chinatown’s rich cultural history.
  • Fighting for the Right to Speak Spanish

    A new play tells the story of a Latino student walkout that changed history in Texas.

About The Express Way with Dulé Hill

The Express Way with Dulé Hill is a premium documentary series that explores the power of the arts. Led by renowned actor, dancer, and singer, Dulé Hill, the series captures diverse artists’ stories from across America, celebrating community, humanity, and the transformative potential of creative expression.