The Art Assignment

Join the Art Assignment community for projects with great American contemporary artists.


  • The Definition of Art

    What is art? How do we define art?
  • Art That Was Never Finished

    John Green shares some of his favorite unfinished artworks.
  • Make a Cut-Out with Cécile McLorin Salvant

    She shares an art assignment on creating your own Theme and Variation Cut-Out.
  • Art Made in Adversity

    Allison Smith shares her thoughts and books about art made in adverse circumstances.
  • Art That Brings Me Comfort

    What art that brings you comfort right now?
  • Creativity is Overrated

    You don't need to be creative or inspired to make art.
  • What This Painting Tells Us About Frida Kahlo

    We take a close look at her painting The Two Fridas (Las Dos Fridas).
  • What Makes a Masterpiece?

    What do we mean when we call an artwork a MASTERPIECE? Who decides which art becomes one?


  • Five Favorite Works of Art with Mike Rugnetta

    This week Mike Rugnetta joins us to share five of his favorite works of art.
  • Self Shape - Tschabalala Self

    If you were a shape, what shape would you be?
  • The Case for Ai Weiwei

    Who is Ai Weiwei? And why is he considered one of the most renowned artists of our time?
  • Combinatory Play - Pablo Helguera

    This week we meet Pablo Helguera, an artist, museum educator, and writer.
  • The Case for Performance Art

    Dubious of performance art? There’s a reason.
  • Vanessa Hill of BrainCraft

    We interview the remarkable Vanessa Hill, creator of BrainCraft.
  • Exquisite Corpse - Hugo Crosthwaite

    This week we bring you an assignment from Hugo Crosthwaite.
  • Embarrassing Object Empathy

    This week we share some of your excellent responses to two past assignments.

About The Art Assignment

The Art Assignment is a weekly PBS Digital Studios production hosted by curator Sarah Green. We take you around the U.S. to meet working artists and solicit assignments from them that we can all complete.