Nicola Walker (Unforgotten) stars as DI Annika Strandhed who juggles cases and a daughter.


  • Episode 5

    Arriving at a murder scene on a party boat, Annika thinks of the Greek god, Dionysus.
  • Episode 4

    An author who has ruined lives has her own ruined—permanently.
  • Episode 3

    Annika sees one of playwright Ibsen’s plots play out in a homicide.
  • Episode 2

    Annika’s teenage daughter, Morgan, gets mixed up with suspects in a revenge slaying.
  • Episode 1

    Annika assembles her team to solve murders in the waters around Glasgow.

About Annika

Annika (Nicola Walker, Unforgotten) and her Marine Homicide Unit solve puzzling murders that wash up in Scotland’s waters. Annika shares her wry literary insights on the crimes while raising her teen daughter, Morgan.