America By The Numbers


  • The New Mad Men

    See how a successful ad agency is addressing multicultural millennials.
  • Surviving Year One

    By the numbers, some babies have the lowest chance of making it to their first birthdays
  • Pass or Fail in Cambodia Town

    By the numbers, the untold story of Southeast Asian dropouts
  • Politics of the New South

    By the numbers, new Americans take political agency
  • Native American Boomtown

    By the numbers, the largest oil play in the lower 48 states
  • Our Private Idaho

    By the numbers, one of the whitest places in America
  • Island of Warriors

    By the numbers, some of the country’s most underserved veterans
  • Mainstream, USA

    By the numbers, a laboratory for the future of America

About America By The Numbers

Explore America's changing demographics and the stories behind them. "The New Deciders," a special AMERICA BY THE NUMBERS WITH MARIA HINOJOSA presentation, premiered September 6, 2016 on PBS.