A Submarine Commander's Lucky Charm - Lt. George Dixon's Coin | Curiosity Trek!

This episode of Curiosity Trek! dives into the history behind the legendary “Life Preserver” of Lieutenant George Dixon – a gold $20 coin which saved his life at the Battle of Shiloh in the American Civil War. He carried this coin with him everywhere he went - even during the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley’s fateful run in February 1864. This tale was originally thought to be legend, but myth became fact when the coin was discovered among Dixon’s remains inside the Hunley.  

Expert Mike Scafuri of the Warren-Lasch Conservation Center in Charleston joins host Andrew Davis to elaborate on this fascinating artifact! 

Unable to go see this coin for yourself? That's okay! A high quality image of Lt. Dixon's coin and inscription is available for your viewing pleasure on KnowItAll.org! 

Curiosity Trek! tells the stories of historic people and events through the artifacts left behind. The series highlights more than just objects of significant historical value but also the strange and the bizarre! The people tied to these objects may be gone, but their stories live on through these artifacts.