Carolina Cup | From the Sky

Experience the thrill of the Carolina Cup in Camden where history and tradition collide at the oldest inland city's annual steeplechase horse race. Held at the Springdale Racecourse, this event draws 30,000 fans worldwide. Learn about the rich history of steeplechase racing, dating back to 18th-century Ireland, and witness the excitement as horses race at speeds over 30 mph, navigating jumps from a bird’s eye view. Experience the Southern hospitality and tradition of the Carolina Cup and celebrate this equestrian excellence from the sky!

From the Sky is a digital series about South Carolina's cities, landmarks, and hidden gems. This unique show offers viewers a glimpse into the beauty and stories of South Carolina from a perspective rarely seen—from above. Experience the magic of flight as we uncover the rich tapestry of history and culture that makes South Carolina truly special.