The State House (1990) | Mary Long’s Yesteryear

In this episode of Mary Long's Yesteryear, the host strolls the grounds of the South Carolina State House and takes viewers for a peek inside the Senate and House chambers. Mary reflects on the history of the modern building and past structures. 

The first state house was built in 1753 on Broad and Meeting Streets in Charleston, South Carolina. In 1788, discussions began about moving the state house to a more central location in South Carolina. Stateburg, Camden, and Orangeburg were locations that were considered before Columbia became the official home of the state house. The General Assembly met for the first time in the new wooden structure in Columbia on January 4, 1790.

Due to rising concerns about preserving valuable documents, a new fireproof building was started in 1851.  After some rough starts, including total destruction by Sherman's fiery march through Columbia, and financial issues, the current State House was completed in 1907.

Mary Long's Yesteryear was an educational series featuring notable moments in South Carolina history. Produced at WNSC in Rock Hill, the program became one of SCETV’s most popular TV series in the 1990s.



Visitors are welcome to visit the South Carolina State House. If you're not able to visit in person, check out the tour below.

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