Retreat of a Firebrand: The Home of John C. Calhoun (1988) | Mary Long’s Yesteryear

Mary Long's Yesteryear was an educational series featuring notable moments in South Carolina history told by historian Mary Long. Originally produced at WNSC in Rock Hill, the program quickly earned fame and was one of SCETV’s most popular TV series of the 1990s.

In this episode of Mary Long's Yesteryear, Mary Long travels to Clemson, South Carolina to take a tour of Fort Hill. 

Fort Hill is the antebellum plantation of John C. Calhoun, South Carolina’s pre-eminent 19th century statesman. Through a succession of Calhoun-Clemson women, Fort Hill was acquired by Thomas Green Clemson.  In 1888, Clemson bequeathed three-fourths of the Fort Hill plantation and $80,000 to the state of South Carolina for the establishment of a public scientific and agricultural college. 

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In 2019, the Digital Team created a virtual reality tour at Fort Hill. Check out the tour below.

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