The Philip Simmons Memorial Garden - Charleston, SC | Making It Grow

The Philip Simmons Memorial Garden or "Heart Garden" at the St. John's Reformed Episcopal Church in Charleston, SC was a collaboration sponsored by the Spoleto Festival to celebrate two of South Carolina's internationally known artisans: blacksmith Philip Simmons and topiary artist Pearl Fryar. This was Philip Simmons's church, and the grounds are surrounded by his decorative ironworks including this peaceful garden that is full of topiaries created by Pearl Fryar.

The Garden Club of Charleston now maintains this garden and has recently enlisted the expertise of property artist Mike Gibson, who worked with Pearl and who also brings in his unique style, to provide workshops for their members that demonstrate different pruning techniques ideal for these topiaries. In this video, Clemson Extension Agent and host of "Making It Grow" Amanda McNulty talks with Philip Simmons Foundation member Rossie Colter about Philip, Pearl, and the history of the garden and then Amanda talks with Mike Gibson on the day of one of the workshops.