Carolina Stories: Nuestro Futuro (2006) | ETV Classics

Nuestro Futuro introduces us to Maria, Paola, Teresa, Miguel and Griselda and describes the adjustments these young Hispanics face as they learn a new language and adjust to a new culture. As the children of Latino families learn English more quickly than their parents, they help out by making phone calls, translating letters and bills, and going with their parents to their appointments.

While Griselda was at the Immigration Office, assisting her aunt, officials also questioned Griselda’s immigration status. While her aunt’s status was approved, Griselda found herself in danger of being deported.

Griselda’s lawyer talks  with ETV about the legal process and seeking the support of Joe Wilson and Lindsay Graham and their attempts to help Griselda with a sponsored bill so that she could remain in this country.  

The  ETV crew helps the families to create video letters for relatives in Mexico and goes on the road to deliver them and bring messages back to those in Columbia, SC. Learn more about lessening the sense of isolation of the newcomers and their fears about rapid assimilation even as they try to make a better life for themselves and their families.

Side Notes:

  • 5.68% of people in Columbia SC are Hispanic
  • The South Carolina Commission for Minority Affairs Hispanic Latino Affairs Division launched a new initiative called P.L.A.C.E. (Pathways for Latinos to Advance Career and Education) to facilitate the careers and education of young professionals and students in South Carolina. Latino students and young professionals will have the opportunity to learn about their shared experiences and available resources in their area. PLACE provides a platform where participants can network, interchange ideas, share resources as well as develop a sense of pride and belonging as a young Latino in South Carolina.
  • SCIWay – South Carolina Hispanic and Latino Resources