South Carolina State House | Let's Go!


Located in the capital city of Columbia, the State House and its grounds are a living monument to South Carolina’s rich history.

Main Lobby

The main lobby includes the outside facade, the false dome, the dome room, which leads to the outer dome, and hand-carved mahogany doors, which provide entrance to the Joint Legislative Conference Room.

As is common with other areas of the State House, memorials, statuary, and other objects of art can be seen in the main lobby. These include a marble replica of the Ordinance of Secession, a memorial plaque dedicated to Revolutionary War heroine Emily Geiger, a life-size statue of South Carolina statesman John C. Calhoun, and three extremely rare examples of stained glass found over the mahogany doors in the main lobby with a much larger example of stained glass, using the same technique found above the doors, inset into the wall of the main lobby balcony. Entrances to the Senate Chamber and the House Chamber are off the main lobby.

Lower Lobby

The lower lobby of the South Carolina State House has many interesting architectural features, including marble walls, marble floors, native granite stone columns, and an intricately crafted arched ceiling. The east wing of the lower lobby houses the office of the lieutenant governor, while the West Wing is host to the office of the governor of South Carolina.

Another interesting architectural feature of the lower lobby is the twin staircases, which lead to the main lobby. Nonarchitectural features in the lower lobby include a bicentennial medallion, and an oil painting depicting the heroism of the Angel of Marye’s Heights.