Pastor Reunited With Doctor That Changed His Life

Pastor Tommy Cox of Georgetown, S.C., and his wife Ginny made a trip to the Medical Univeristy of South Carolina in Charleston to meet Dr. Christine Holmstedt. Cox has wanted to see Dr. Holmstedt in person ever since his stroke in 2017. "I just wanted to hug her neck and tell her thank you," Cox said when talking about her. She was his telestroke doctor, and the one who made the decision to give him the tPA shot—a clot busting medication.

This decision ended up saving Cox his voice, and for it, Cox says he will never forget her as long as he lives. He and his wife Ginny were very excited to finally meet Dr. Holmstedt, and Cox prayed a special prayer over her that God would continue to guide her as she helped saved more lives.

"Help her, Father, to be able to be to her patients what she was to me and help save their lives. Never let her forget that the ability she has came from you." Cox closed the prayer, and he and his wife embraced Dr. Holmstedt one more time before promising to meet up sometime in Georgetown.