Innovative ICU Keeps Camden Man Close to Home

When Johnny Fellers became ill one night, he thought it was related to his diabetes. After being admitted to KershawHealth hospital, he was sent to ICU. In the ICU, the KershawHealth team decided to use telehealth to help with his diagnosis.

“Community hospitals like Camden often times don’t have access to pulmonologists or critical care intensivists...medical experts. Telehealth allows us to bring medical expertise to these more remote communities.” says Dr. Tallulah Holmstrom, the Chief Medical Officer at KershawHealth.

In Fellers' case, telehealth was crucial. It allowed for other experts a the Medical University of South Carolina to view his case and help the KershawHealth team determine the real cause of his sudden sickness, which was a stroke.

Lee Hunter, the director of ICU at Kershaw Health, said, “They would have thought it was all blood sugar. That’s huge. Communication, family support, and the early testing; they all come together as the best plan of care for the patient.”