Babyscripts App Provides Convenient Care During Pregnancy

Grace Balding has a busy schedule every day caring for her toddler as well as preparing for her second baby. She is around 22 weeks pregnant and is a stay-at-home mom. Her and her husband share a vehicle which makes it difficult for Grace to get to her doctor appointments since her husband works full-time.

When a friend told Grace about an app called Babyscripts which could cut down on the amount of appointments, Grace decided to ask her doctor about it. Babyscripts is an app designed to help expectant mothers keep track of their weight and blood pressure measurements on a daily basis. It then sends that data to their obstetrician. That way their doctor can keep track of that information. In the long run, it cuts down on the number of appointments that the expectant mother has to physically go to.

Grace values the time that she has saved from using the app. “Every appointment does take time away from being at home with your family and your family’s routine. Life gets busier in some seasons, it’s just really nice having that option.”