“IN PRINCIPLE” to Air Friday Nights on SCETV

IN PRINCIPLE will include guests from the worlds of politics, policy, the arts and academia. The half-hour program features co-hosts Michael Gerson, a frequent contributor to PBS NEWSHOUR, syndicated Washington Post columnist and author of the book Heroic Conservatism; and Amy Holmes, a political news commentator formerly of MSNBC and TheBlaze TV and Radio Network.

Holmes and Gerson will interview guests exploring the framework of today’s news and political conversations — examining how history, faith and culture influence the larger discussions taking place in the country today.

“This is a time when big, fundamental issues — about identity, about citizenship, about how we define our country — are being debated in American life,” said Gerson. “We need serious dialogue that stands in contrast to the degraded discourse so common in American politics right now. On IN PRINCIPLE, we intend to engage newsmakers and culture shapers at a deeper level, exploring their beliefs and motivations in a way viewers might not get in other formats on television. IN PRINCIPLE is going to be honest, reflective, deep-dive TV.”

“We need a place where we can have thoughtful, reasonable, in-depth conversations about politics, policy, culture — you name it — where we’re really talking to each other instead of shouting at each other,” said Holmes. “It’s not about shouting, it’s about talking and listening and learning — I want our viewers to feel it was always time well spent. That they come away saying, ‘I learned something that I didn’t know before.’”

Immediately after WASHINGTON WEEK, tune-in for the premeire episode on Friday, April 13, 2018 at 8:30 pm.

IN PRINCIPLE is a production of WETA Washington, D.C. Executive Producer: Dalton Delan. Series Producer: Grace Cutler. Hosts: Michael Gerson and Amy Holmes. Coordinating Producer: Troy Mosley. Funding is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, PBS and public television viewers.