Inside the Meaning of Dreams: An Interview with a Dream Teacher

Justina Lasley is trying to wake up the world. She is an author and founder of the Institute for Dream Studies. Her mission: to tell everyone in the world of the transformative power of his or her nightly dreams. 

So far, she's making good on her mission by writing multiple books on the subject of dreams and also by creating the Institute for Dream Studies, the certification program for those interested in leading dream groups and spreading the message of the power of the dream. All of this from her home in Charleston, which she touts as her creative inspiration.

According to Lasley, many of the answers to your life's questions are revealed within your dreams. "As you sleep at night, answers come to you, and often go unnoticed. How great would it be to access that information!: She believes that dreams reveal what, in our life, could be holding us back and even what is pushing us forward. 

Lasley believes dreams are messages that are answers to our problems and can provide guidance to our future. Her tips for remembering the dream are:

  1. Be intentional with your dreams 
  2. Keep a dream journal.
  3. Take time in the morning to focus on your dreams.

So, how do you understand the messages in your dream? According to Lasley, studying three key concepts within the dream can help.

  1. Who are the characters?
  2. What are your emotions in the dream?
  3. What are the beliefs in the dream?

Dreams have been documented as being the inspiration and solution for many important inventions and discoveries. Lasley mentions that we are our most creative within our dreams.