Songs for Unusual Creatures

The world's strangest creatures finally get their theme songs.


  • The World's Largest Salamander

    The Chinese Giant Salamander is the largest amphibian on the planet, up to six feet long!
  • Hunting for Tardigrades!

    Join me as I hunt for this microscopic creature.
  • A Song for the Sea Pig with The Kronos Quartet

    Who loves the Kronos Quartet? Who loves a sea pig?
  • The Incredible True Story of the Blobfish

    The Blobfish was recently declared WORLD'S UGLIEST ANIMAL!
  • Magnapinna Squid

    Join me as I visit David at MBARI in Moss Landing, CA to discuss the Magnapinna Squid.
  • Glass Frog

    The glass frog is called so because it has see-through skin on its stomach!
  • Giant Anteater

    Is that the sound of the Giant Anteater sniffing I hear?
  • Elephant Shrew

    It's true, it's true, there's an elephant shrew!

About Songs for Unusual Creatures

Hi there! My name is Michael Hearst, and this is Songs for Unusual Creatures, featuring some of Earth's strangest animals. You see, I like to create music inspired by these animals. And for this series, I've brought along some my favorite musicians to help me.