Shanks FX

Learn to create Hollywood-style effects in this DIY film series.


  • Ghostbusters "Surge Protector" Trap

    Use some prop-building expertise to build this cool modified surge protector.
  • Giant Bubble Reflections in HD

    Get mesmerized with giant bubble reflections.
  • DIY Game of Thrones "Ice Wall"

    With styrofoam and the right lighting, this massive prop can be recreated anywhere.
  • Close Encounters of the Drone Kind

    Creating eerie sci-fi lighting with a new DJI Phantom drone.
  • Hurricane Balls in HD

    The wonders of angular momentum!
  • How to use a Split Focus Diopter

    A split focus diopter is an unique way to achieve the illusion of deep focus.
  • How to create Water Illusions

    With the right camera and perfect timing, these water illusions appear out of thin air.
  • How to create Star Wars Lightsaber sound effects

    We've done the lightsaber video, now let's tackle the sound.


About Shanks FX

We create Hollywood effects with simple household products... and so can you.