Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Today's scientists and engineers reveal their lives behind the lab coats and test tubes.


  • John Horgan: There's Always Hope

    John Horgan studies terrorists and finds nuance and complexity where others see only evil.
  • Nicole Prause: What Women (Don't) Need

    A bunch of men try to create a kind of "female viagra," but they forget to talk to women.
  • Nicole Prause: Great Balls of Fire

    Nicole Prause finally gets a Harley Davidson... and all hell breaks loose!
  • Nicole Prause: You Gotta Fight for Your Right to do Science

    Nicole Prause asks questions about human sexuality that scare other scientists.
  • Chris Hadfield: The Universe Surrounds You

    Chris Hadfield takes a walk in outer - and inner - space.
  • Chris Hadfield: Deep Questions for a Star Man

    We ask astronaut Chris Hadfield a bunch of silly questions.
  • Chris Hadfield: Space Oddity

    Chris Hadfield makes a music video tribute to David Bowie and returns a viral sensation.
  • Janet Iwasa: Animating HIV

    Janet Iwasa uses heranimation skills to depict HIV cells.


  • Simon Singh: Science and Religion Shake Hands

    Don't think it's possible? Simon Singh explains how.
  • Simon Singh: It All Started with the Big Bang

    One of Simon Singh's books inspires the Barenaked Ladies to write a sitcom theme.
  • Simon Singh: D'oh = mc²

    Simon Singh discovers that there is an insane amount of math in "The Simpsons."
  • Matt Denton: How to Make a Lovable Robot

    Matt Denton makes BB-8 so lovable that they both wind up on the red carpet.
  • Matt Denton: Cinema 101: The Uses of Deodorant

    Matt Denton stays dry and smells fine with deodorant in his toolkit of cinematic wizardry.
  • Matt Denton: An Amazing Journey...To a Galaxy Far, Far Away

    Matt Denton uses his electronics expertise to engineer a cute little robot named BB-8.
  • Matt Denton: BB-8: A Star Wars Droid's Seven Secrets

    If a cat is supposed to have nine lives, Matt Denton explains, BB-8 has at least seven...
  • Kathy Reichs: Only for David Duchovny

    Kathy Reichs gets bamboozled into appearing on an episode of "Bones".

About Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers

Scientists are just like everyone else -they've got secrets. So who knows what happens when the lab coats come off? Actually, we do. And now you can too. In this series of short, web-exclusive videos, you'll meet intriguing scientists and engineers, and learn about their surprising lives outside the proverbial lab.