PBS For The Arts

Join us as we celebrate the resiliency of the arts in America.


  • Detroit Healing Memorial

    A memorial features over 2,000 handmade pouches dedicated to Detroit's loved ones.
  • Broadway is Back

    The curtain goes up on Broadway, as live theater returns to New York.
  • Cleveland Orchestra Returns

    The Cleveland Orchestra makes its awaited return to the stage at Severance Music Center.
  • Dallas Black Dance Theatre Thriving

    Dallas Black Dance Theatre returns live with a premiere at Jacob's Pillow.
  • Creating Drama on Social Media

    Actor and prolific Instagram user Brian Jordan Alvarez is starting drama on social media.
  • Latinx Voices Respond to the Moment

    Latinx artists created timely work under lockdown in response to the pandemic.
  • New York is Burning

    Works & Process presents "New York is Burning" by Omari Wiles and Les Ballet Afrik.

About PBS For The Arts

#PBSForTheArts is a multiplatform campaign celebrating the resiliency of the arts in America during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown and reopening. The campaign features a variety of programming across broadcast and digital platforms to showcase the devastating impact of the pandemic to the arts industry.