Overview reveals the natural phenomena and human forces shaping our planet.


  • Are Roller Coasters Actually Good For Your Brain?

    Learn what’s happening to your body on a coaster and how they might help you feel better.
  • US Streets are Dangerous. We Can Fix Them.

    US streets are designed to move cars as fast as possible. Is it time for that to change?
  • Inside the Fight to Save an Ancient Forest

    Protestors protect threatened forests that contain rare ecosystems at risk of destruction.
  • How To Stop Your Poop From Killing Corals

    Sewage is killing corals off the coast of Florida.
  • Why Oil Country is Turning to Wind Power

    Follow host Joe Hanson as he learns why his home state of Texas is turning to wind power.
  • How FIVE BILLION lbs of Las Vegas Garbage Powers a City

    How billions of pounds of garbage gets turned into energy.
  • Can Dynamite Save You From An Avalanche?

    To prevent avalanches, you have to do something counterintuitive — you have to start them.
  • Humans Cause Traffic Jams, AI Can Fix Them

    Traffic is a problem we need to finally solve, and automated vehicles might help us do it.

About Overview

Overview combines aerial cinematography with science storytelling to reveal both the natural phenomena and human forces shaping our planet. The series will feature stories about agriculture, engineering, the environment and natural wonders told by the scientists, rangers, farmers and artists who are responsible for innovating the world around us.