Oh Noah!

Noah tries to learn Spanish and make friends in a new neighborhood.


  • I Say Tomato

    Abuela asks Noah for a newspaper, but Noah thinks she wants a giant tomato.
  • Hop, Look, and Listen

    Noah tries to learn magic. When Coco misunderstands Noah, many creatures magically appear!
  • Hammer Away

    The handyman asks Noah for a "martillo," but Noah thinks he means "dog."
  • A Whale Tale

    Noah and Señor Rodriguez go on a boat ride and end up in the belly of a whale!
  • Goodbye Kitty

    Coco's cat escapes and she asks for Noah's help. Noah brings back a lion!
  • Not Milk

    Noah heads to the farm after his Abuela asks for more "leche."
  • The Red Balloon

    Noah does not understand what color "rojo" is, and ends up buying Coco too many balloons.


  • Cowboys and Librarians

    Noah wants to return a library book, but the taxi driver takes him to a ranch.
  • Daring Young Man

    Noah gets lost at the circus and becomes part of a trapeze act!
  • Monkey Business

    Abuela says "I wish I had a banana," but Noah thinks "un guineo" means "monkey."
  • Down the Drain

    When Coco's "pelota" rolls into the sewer, she asks Noah to get it.
  • Out on a Limb

    Coco asks for a "manzana," but a confused Noah builds his own wings to catch a bird.

About Oh Noah!

Oh Noah! is designed to teach Spanish to children ages six to eight through animated videos with embedded games that help build vocabulary.
Ages:<\/strong> 6-8
Educational Goal:<\/strong> Language and Literacy